My Story

My name is Shelayne and since an early age, my nickname has been Red and it has stuck ever since. Growing up playing sports & fastball I was always a tomboy with (beautiful long auburn red hair & freckles) Hard to manage my hair at times as it was always tangled. Being teased about my red hair & freckles growing up, now I embrace it & it’s a blessing! I have always been creative & artsy, when my 2 girls were born I made their crib bedding, curtains, dresses & doll clothes. Short lived as I put the sewing machine away as I became a single Mom when they were 3 & 4. My girls were my priority as well as working shift work. 20 years have gone by and my amazing young ladies are grown & it’s time for me now to get back to the things I love. I dusted off my sewing machine & I have found my new love & passion in making scrunchies. I love shopping for beautiful fabrics & textures, and I take pride in my work. My mind is always going a mile a minute of what I can do next! The sky is the limit. Imagine in 3 years when I retire from my amazing career after 34 years how big that sky is going to open up for me! I have created this business and I am beyond excited for what’s to come! I am very proud of myself! Thank you to everyone along the way who has helped me bring my vision to life.

Love Red xo ❤